ISL L15 Made It To the Seventh Hill!
ISL L16 Lisbon Wants Moor OPI
ISL L17 You’ve Got Nata On Me
ISL L18 Tagus in That Selfie!
ISL L19 No Turning Back From Pink Street
ISL L20 We Seafood and Eat It
ISL L21 Now Museum Now You Don’t
ISL L22 A Red-vival City
ISL L23 Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants
ISL L24 Closer Than You Might Belém
ISL L25 Tile Art To Warm Your Heart
ISL L26 Suzi Chases Portu-geese

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  1. Portuguese over here. I was excited for like two seconds. So many pinky colours. That really doesn't seem at all like Lisbon, a city full of light, modern yet traditional. This should be full of blues, greens and light colours, like off-whites and yellows in different shimmers. :(

  2. Lisbon is the stunning capital city of Portugal, and is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Western Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking. As a holiday destination, Lisbon offers a rich and varied history, lively nightlife and is blessed with a glorious year-round climate