Hello Kitty Bows by Masako Kojima

1- Apply Natural Nail Base Coat. Let dry.
2- Polish two coats of Milk Bottle on the ring finger.
3- Polish two coats of Spoken from the Heart on the pinky and middle fingers.
4- Polish two coats of Let's Be Friends! on the thumb.
5- On the ring finger, paint a nose (horizontal dot) and two eyes (verticle dots) using Never Have Too Mani Friends! and a thin nail art brush.
6- Paint a dot of My Twin Mimmy on the nose.
7- Using Never Have Too Mani Friends! paint 3 whiskers on each side of the face. Paint these from the cuticle line inward.
8- Using Let's Be Friends! paint a large circle in the upper right side of the nail.
9- Paint the two sides of the bow, making the left side of the bow larger than the right.
10- Outline the bow using Never Have Too Mani Friends! and a thin nail art brush.
11- On the index finger, paint 3 more bows.
12- Make the bows run into eachother for an overlapped look, but be sure to leave some negative space too!
13- Let Dry.
14- Finish with Top Coat.

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