Say HELLO to the new limited-edition Hello Kitty by OPI nail lacquer collection. We've created 12 supercute shades that capture the spirit of our favorite character! 
1- Apply Natural Nail Base Coat. Let dry. 
2 -Apply 2 coats of Super Cute in Pink on all but the ring finger. 
3- Apply 2 coats of Look at my Bow! on the ring finger.
4- Paint Spoken From the Heart (top) My Pal Joey (bottom) on a dense makeup sponge. 
5- Sponge on to pointer and middle finger. Repeat 2-3 times allowing time to dry in between. 
6- Clean up excess on skin with a brush dipped in lacquer remover. 
7- Using a dotting tool and Milky Bottle, create cloud shapes over the gradient nails. Let dry.
8- With a nail art brush, paint a thin arch with Spoken From the Heart across the tip of your nail.
9- Creating a rainbow french tip, repeat this step three times with 5 Apples Tall, My Twin Mimmy and My Pal Joey.
10- Let dry completely.
11- Apply Top Coat.
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