Collection Come With 12 New Nail lacquer Shade:
NL N51 Let Me Bayou a Drink
NL N52 Humidi-Tea
NL N53 Suzi Nails New Orleans
NL N54 I Manicure for Beads
NL N55 Spare Me a French Quarter?
NL N56 She’s a Bad Muffuletta!
NL N57 Got Myself into a Jam-balaya
NL N58 Crawfishin’ for a Compliment
NL N59 Take a Right on Bourbon
NL N60 I’m Sooo Swamped!
NL N61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys
NL N62 Show Us Your Tips!

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Everything about nails, Including nail polish, Gel nails, Manicure, Pedicure in general ....V..V. Which involves all the nail is here. Hope will not disappoint you visit here, Wish you always happy..

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