ibd Just Gel Polish - Hideaway Haven Fall 2015 Collection 
ibd Just Gel Polish offers a new collection inspired by delicate femininity that transfers you to a place where nature and dreams collide.
The Hideaway Haven Collection offers a simplistic approach with emphases on serene colors with soft, whimsical notes.
Fresh faces and a pure look add an effortless touch to an uncomplicated, nature inspired story.
It’s a tranquil haven embodying effortless beauty.
It’s serene, pure, and dream-like, creating a seamless transition into fall.
Collection includes:
Beauty Sleep - 57055
Serene Slumber - 57056
Tranquil Surrender - 57057
Sweet Sanctuary - 57058
Calm Oasis - 57059
Head In The Clouds - 57060
Whimsical Wanderer - 57061
Mystical Muse - 57062

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