Holiday Collection Come With 12 New Shades Color :
82764 / COAL HANDS, WARM HEART (a midnight holographic glitter)
82765 / DON'T GET ELFED UP (a glistening deep emerald shimmer)
82766 /  SOIREE I DIDN'T DO IT (a bright and cheery green glitter)
82767 / MIX AND MINGLE (a vivid deep purple crème)
82768 / BRAND SPARKIN' NEW YEAR (a deep prismatic purple glitter)
82769 / BETTER NOT POUT (a merry berry pearl)
82770 / WINE DOWN FOR WHAT? (a rich red crème )
82771 / PEPPERMINT TO BE (a glittering ruby shimmer0
82772 / UGLY SWEATER PARTY (a multi dimensional red glitter)
82773 / SON OF A NUTCRAKER (a fiery orange pearl)
82774 / BRING ON THE BUBBLY (a gleaming gold glitter)
82775 / BREAK THE ICE (an icy prismatic silver glitter)

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