1- IS Enter the Golden Era - This pearly gold ushers in the Age of Glam. IS L37
2- IS Bee Mine Forever - I’m devoted to this sweet-as-honey yellow crème. IS L38
3- IS S-ageless Beauty - You are so wise to choose this light sage. IS L39
4- IS To Be Continued… - This periwinkle blue just keeps on shining. IS L40
5- IS Wild Blue Yonder - Soar into this untamed sky blue. IS L41
6- IS The Sun Never Sets - The afterglow of a tangerine sunset. IS L42
7- IS Purpletual Emotion - Getting in touch with this expressive eggplant. IS L43
8- IS Lavendurable - My love for this sweet lilac will last forever. IS L44
9- IS Follow Your Bliss - I’m in hot pursuit of this dashing, joyful pink. IS L45

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