This Collection Go With 12 NewShades:
- Stop That Train — rust red shimmer
- Loco-Motive — gunmetal and red glitter
- One Track Mind — navy blue creme
- Well Trained — dark turquoise creme
- Mind the Gap — olive shimmer
- What Are You A-Freight Of — dark brown creme
- Lug Your Designer Baggage — brown creme with gold flecks
- Conduct Yourself — oxblood creme
- Nice Caboose — raspberry glitter  [hmmm, doesn't look like a glitter to me...]
- All Aboard — purple creme
- Choo-Choo Choose You — purple/gray smoky shimmer- Don’t Get Derailed — gray creme

- Stop That Train — rust red shimmer

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  1. These are great for fall!

  2. Well, I think you know which one of these I love! Mind the Gap! (*_*)

  3. All very pretty colors! Can’t wait to see swatches of these. I’m looking forward to checking out this collection. Thanks for sharing it with us.