Holiday Promotion 2014 - Gwen Stefani Come with 12 New Colors:
F01 - Just BeClaus - This magnificent maroon came into my life just in the “nick” of time.
F02 - Kiss Me - Or Elf! - There’s no denying the allure of this amorous red violet.
F03 - I Carol About You - I just fa-la-la-la-love this deep royal purple!
F04 - Christmas Gone Plaid - I sure am plaid I found this tree-mendous forest green.
F05 - in a Holidaze - I’m dizzy-in-love with this maroon beauty.
F06 - Love is Hot & Coal! - Turn the heat up with this deep grayish brown.
F07 - Fashion a Bow - So busy ‒ all tied-up today loving this bright reddish-orange!
F08 - Cinnamon Sweet - Sugar and spice…this deep, warm red is everything nice.
F09 - What's Your Point-settia? - So what if I think this is the one truly perfect holiday red?
F10 - Red Fingers & Mistletoes - This smooch-worthy red shimmer is holiday-perfect.
F11 - First Class Desires - This mélange of gold and eggplant shimmer is #1 on my wish list.
F12 - Sleigh Parking Only - Tell the valet to take good care of this exclusive dark burgundy.

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