OPI Spotlight on Glitter March Promotion 2014
NL G35 Blush Hour (Sorry, gotta blush… this super dense fuchsia glitter is way too charming.(GL)
NL G36 Chasing Rainbows (Your pursuit of gorgeous has won you this rainbow with pot-of-gold highlights.(GL)
NL G37 Desperately Seeking Sequins (This prismatic glitter on a backdrop of shimmer is just what you’re looking for.(GL)
NL G38 I Reached My Gold!  (The cache of gold confetti in this clear rainbow glitter is all yours! (GL)
NL G39 Rose of Light  ( A million points of light radiate from this rosy gold and rainbow sparkle.(GL)
NL G40 You Pink Too Much ( I’m obsessed with this rosy glitter set in a shimmery base.(GL)
Available in Salons: March 1, 2014

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