Gwen Stefani By OPI 2014 Come With 6 Nail Lacquers
- Hey Baby- I Sing in Color
- Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
- 4 in the Morning
- In True Stefani Fashion
- Push and Shove  (comes with complimentary mini size of Lay Down that Base)
Available in Salons: January 1, 2014
For more information, please call 818-759-2400 or visit

Rock Starlets | Mini Pack Contents:4 - mini Nail Lacquers 3.75 mL – 1/8 Fl. Oz:
Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, Love.Angel.Music.Baby.,
and 4 in the Morning

NL G26 Hey Baby
NL G27 I Sing in Color
NL G28 Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
NL G29 4 in the Morning
NL G30 Push and Shove
NL G31 In True Stefani Fashion
Signature Shade Promotion Contents:
1 - OPI Nail Lacquer in Over & Over A-Gwen
1 - Swarovski Elements-Studs and Crystals
1 - Nail Glue
1 - Nail Art Designs

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  1. oh my god this is the most exciting nail polish collection EVER

  2. I've always dreamed of a gwen collab. Best news ever!

  3. I have always dreamt of the Gwen collaboration as well and I knew that if it was any company that would collab with her, it would be OPI. The site that I always buy my polishes from currently has these on pre order.

  4. nothing special...boring

  5. Eh - I am a little underwhelmed to be honest, although the idea of OPI collaborating with Gwen Stefani IS definitely very exciting. I look forward to seeing what Push and Shove looks like. Otherwise I think I maaayyyy pass - which wouldn't be the worst thing for my wallet!

  6. Thanks Jessica for the recommendation. I've seen their website online before but hesitated to order from them. I just placed an order for some China Glaze nail polish.. hopefully I will receive them soon. Thanks!!!