81348 GOSSIP OVER GIMLETS (Platinum Shimmer)
 81349 GOLDIE BUT GOODIE (Rust-Gold Shimmer)
 81350 STRIKE UP A COSMO (Rose-Gold Shimmer)
 81351 RENDEZVOUS WITH YOU (Purple Shimmer)
 81352 PUBLIC RELATIONS (Violet-Gunmetal Shimmer)
 81353 KISS MY GLASS (Blue Gunmetal Shimmer)
 81354 TONGUE & CHIC (Emerald Shimmer)
 81355 SCANDALOUS SHENANIGANS (Rich Blue Shimmer)
 81356 QUEEN B (Blue-Purple Crème)
 81357 CHARMED, I’M SURE (Purple Crème)
 81358 DON’T MAKE ME WINE (Red-Violet Shimmer)
 81359 RED-Y & WILLING (Red Shimmer)

Avavilable On August 2013

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