ORLY Flash Glam FX
Hyper-reflective Glitters in Every Color of the Rainbow
Prepare to send shimmer through the stratosphere because bling just went overboard. Introducing Flash Glam FX, the new fullspectrum
sparkle collection from ORLY. Impossibly prismatic lacquers. High-intensity holographs. Hyper-reflective glitters in every
color of the rainbow combine in a staggeringly glam assortment of 5 chunky glitters – juxtaposing multi-dimensional particles for a
fierce 3D effect.

Nail the Trend
With Tips From the ORLY Pros
• More layers mean more intense shine – Notice a uniquelooking
texture with each new coat.
• Create custom shades by layering over ORLY lacquers –
One cool look: Glitter visually pops against a base layer of
Liquid Vinyl (black crème).
• Make sure each layer is completely dry before applying the
next coat – And always seal with a topcoat for a smooth,
lasting finish.
• The staying power of the glitters requires special removal –
Pour pure acetone onto cotton and wrap fingers in foil. Soak
nails for 5-10 minutes per hand and then use the cotton to
remove any remaining glitter particles.
Come with six New Color:
40478 Mermail Tale
40475  Spazmatic
40472  Can’t Be Tamed
40481 Be Brave
40449  Sashay my Way
40484 Liquid Vinyl

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