Orly Birds of a Feather Collection Winter 2011
ORLY's Winter Collection takes flight with Birds of a Feather and it featuers shimmering iridescent and deep creme shades reminiscent of a beautiful flock of birds. This collection contains 6 striking colours; Sea Gurl is a stunning gun menal grey shimmer, Nite Owl a neutral beige shimmer, Peachy Parrot a beautiful orange coral shimmer, Sweet Peacock a peacock blue shimmer, Lucky Duck a rich green creme and Fowl Play an multi-dimensional purple sparkle. 
40748 Seagurl (Gun metal grey shimmer)
40749 Nite Owl (Neutral beige shimmer)
40750 Peachy Parrot (Coral orange shimmer)
40751 Sweet Peacock (Peacock blue shimmer)
40752 Lucky Duck (Rich green creme)
40753 Fowl Play (Multi-dimensional purple sparkle)

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